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Post Hospital Care

Wheelchair Guidance

Home Recovery Care

Recovery at home is important part of healing process and a critical part post hospital care.

Avoiding the chance of readmission to hospital is essential part of recovery. 

The odds of readmission to hospital increase with co-morbidities in the community with risk of readmission in 30 days post discharge.

Here at Harmony Nursing Australia, we provide holistic comprehensive care that can lessen the risk and identify those who will benefit from individual care plan and support.

Transition to home care

While recovering at home post hospitalisation there are many health risks to manage during recovery process that could have a significant impact on the patient's successful recovery.

These risks include the following:

  • Not taking medication as prescribed.

  • Missing post discharge appointments and Gp follow-ups.

  • Poor Nutrition and Hydration.

  • Mobilisation and falls risks in the home

  • Not following recommended physio exercises 

  • Becoming inactive and not mobilising

  • Pain management not effective

  • Risk of infection due to household environmental factors or personal hygiene.

  • Mental health deterioration

Nurse with Patient

Hospital to home direct!

How HNA can help you recover safely at home

We will make your transition to home safe and your recovery successful with the below individualised services. All services are planned in conjunction with you and your care team.

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