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Wound Care

  • Post-surgery,

  • ongoing pressure injuries

  • Diabetic injuries

  • Necrotic abrasions and debridement

  • Wound clean out and dress

  • Dressing change service

Wound Warriors

Specialised nurses with a special touch, will assess and treat your wounds, they are  experienced staff with extensive wound care knowledge

Wound Referral

Hospital referral service, post-surgery wound care, GP referral for wound care. Also HNA has a Personal referral service, wound care assistance at home

Wound Education

  • Education in the home for clients

  • Education in aged care facilities

      for staff to recognise,            treat and care for                    pressure injuries. 

  • Education for schools to treat injuries.

  • Workplace education

Wound Wizards

Wound care wizards are senior experienced nurses with a passion for wound care and education. They will come to you and deliver awareness and implementation training for wound care. 

Wound Pathology

Experienced nurses can take wound swabs on referral  to provide to pathology, if you are unable to leave your home.

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